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Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2018 by Marieke Schuurs

I was in the the studio last month, recording my jazz album. On one of the songs where the band was pretty loud, I found myself over singing. Billy, the recording engineer, spoke into my headphones, "Keep to the sweet spot in your voice, Marieke." It was an aha! moment, for I understood that I could over-sing or under-sing, but there was an ideal vocal energy that was the sweet spot for my sound and that song's style. I started thinking about how that also resonated with the Alexander Technique and the concept of balance in general. I think of balance, and coming into balance, as a place to arrive at and maintain within ourselves. But balance is way more interactive and environmental than that. Balance is finding the sweet spot, physically, mentally and energetically, for everything that we do, in the environment that we are in at that moment. This goes for washing the dishes as well as performing on stage or running a race. And what is the sweet spot? The right amount of energy, awareness and work for the task, no more, no less.

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