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Changing Perception

Posted on Friday, December 23, 2016 by Marieke Schuurs

How do you see the world?  Through the lens of your own experiences over time.  In order to see the world differently, you would have to have different experiences.  An actor was goes for an audition and has a poor experience, either because he was less prepared than he thought or because the audition situation was not supportive of success (long commute, poor time of day, poor acoustics, etc).  If he has several similar experiences and no positive audition experiences, then he will begin to anticipate the negative experience, which will release stress hormones into his system.  Stress hormones cause us to tighten up, taking us off balance and inhibiting our ability to breathe.  There's no way to stop the stress hormones from happening, thus ensuring that the experience WILL be negative.  

If you want a different outcome, you must have a different perception.  If you want a different perception, you need a series of different audition experiences.  Do a few easy auditions for the experience.  Or audition for a part you don't want anyway, just for the practice.  Or practice your audition material for friends or mentors.  Remind yourself each time that you DO NOT KNOW how the audition will go, and it could as easily go well as poorly.  Teachers, offer your students opportunities to practice auditioning in an environment that ensures a positive experience.

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