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Just think it!

Posted on Monday, April 17, 2017 by Marieke Schuurs

The Alexander Technique, at it's philosophical core, is based on the idea that the mind/body is an indivisible entity.  This is being supported by recent research in fascia, the connective tissue that is woven throughout everything inside us.  I took a walk the other day and noticed that my legs were moving ahead of the rest of me, indicating that I was leaning back. My first instinct was to correct by leaning forward, but I found I was working harder to walk (ie; more muscles were engaging). Then I thought, "Oh yes, my head needs to move forward and away in order to re-balance myself."  No sooner had I thought my thought, than my system adjusted and my balance improved with no extra work this time.  In fact, the re-balancing was so gentle that I didn't feel like I was moving at all, but my legs were definitely more underneath me and my walk more effortless.  Take this mind/body idea in a different direction - we know that as soon as you think a pitch (note), your vocal folds respond and change length for that note, even if you are not singing, but just have a piece of song running through your mind.  We also know that anxious or negative thoughts create both chemical and physical responses, changing breathing, core temperature, our ability to take in information through our senses and level of muscle activity (to name a few).  Conversely, a true "happy thought" is an instant energy boost.  I've been searching for a word that successfully encompasses mind/body indivisibility, but haven't found one yet - maybe we need to invent one?  Or find one from another culture and language?  More on this topic over the next few weeks...

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