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Posted on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 by Marieke Schuurs

Stopping – Do you remember “Red light, Green light” or freeze tag from when you were a child?  In order to not get tagged, you had to run and then freeze and not move. I noticed the other day when I was walking that, in order to stop walking, I tightened my system to come to a stop – much like in freeze tag.  So what is stopping?  In order to walk, one must allow oneself to go off-balance in a certain direction, ideally in a coordinated fashion.  So it follows that stopping would be coming back into balance.

Next time you are walking (maybe in a store where you might stop a lot to look at things), you could play with the idea of stopping as a process of coming back into balance.  Does it change the quality of stopping?  In what way?

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