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What is an educator?

Posted on Monday, April 24, 2017 by Marieke Schuurs

" The doctor of the future will give no medicine but instead will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."  I re-found this quote by Thomas Edison the other day and became interested in it's educational aspect, as well as noting that the care of the human frame is first on his list, and cause and prevention of disease is last.  Who teaches care of the human frame today?  Physical therapists, Massage therapists, Chiropractors, Fitness trainers, and Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, and Yoga teachers - to name a few.  But are we educating as we relieve symptoms?  Are we teaching clients to understand themselves?  "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."  This familiar quote has evolved from many different sources.  Why wouldn't we educate our clients?  The pool of humans who can learn something new about themselves in order to live healthier lives is infinite. An educator continues to learn for herself and passes down her information to her clients, becoming a conduit of information in a particular field.  Learning happens through touch/experience, through audio and visual presentation, and mostly through dialogue.  Are you an educator?  How do you define what you do?

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