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Podcast with Marieke at EverySing (August 7, 2017)

Marieke graduated from the University of Calif. Irvine with a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Fine Arts in Vocal Performance. She became a licensed Andover Educator (Bodymapping) in 2006 and a certified Alexander Technique teacher with Alexander Technique International in 2016.  She specializes in voice and breathing rehabilitation, musician coordination and coordination for pregnancy and childbirth. 

Cantare Studio: Voice and the Alexander Technique, in Springfield, Oregon, was first established in 1998 as Cantare Voice Studio, then evolved to include Bodymapping and the Alexander Technique. The newest evolution is into teacher training courses, coming in Fall 2018.

Marieke is currently Northwest Regional Governor for NATS (National Assoc. of Teachers of Singing) and presents workshops at conferences and colleges throughout the Pacific Northwest. She is also a member of Alexander Technique International (ATI), Andover Educators (AE), ASCAP, Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), and Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA).

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Artist Statement

I am really into the interplay between the music, the instruments, the rhythm, the harmonic structure, and my voice. So I am attracted to the musical freedom in both jazz and baroque improvisation. I also feel that all words are onomatopoeic, and that the emotional driver for each song must be clear to the singer. And, from my Alexander Technique background, comes the understanding that singing is fundamentally a mental activity, supported by the breath, and a singer imagines each phrase before she releases it.

Marieke Schuurs and the Eugene Jazz Collective. 
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Marieke Schuurs - teacher, singer

Jennifer"Marieke has a magical way of making you feel good about where you are and where you're headed, regardless of how much experience you have. I've had moments of working with her where I'm shocked by the strength and clarity that comes out, to where I actually ask, "Where did that voice come from?!" She was able to draw something out of me I didn't even know was in there.

She's also wonderful at helping you sing with healthy technique, so regardless of what style of music you perform, you won't hurt your voice. Some people think proper technique means you have to sound like a stuffy opera singer, but even if you want to growl like Tom Waits or scream like Steven Tyler, Marieke can help you produce the sound you want in a way that is sustainable for a lifetime."

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marieke schuurs & the eugene jazz collective

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Pirates of Penzance, Eugene Opera 2013Pirates of Penzance, Eugene Opera 2013Pirates of Penzance, Eugene Opera 2013
Orpheus in the Underwood, Eugene Opera 2009Orpheus in the Underworld, Eugene Opera 2009Orpheus in the Underworld, Eugene Opera 2009
Orpheus in the Underworld, Eugene Opera 2009Dead Man Walking, Eugene Opera 2013
La Traviata, Eugene Opera 2014La Traviata, Eugene Opera 2014La Traviata, Eugene Opera 2014

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