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Alexander Technique lessons

Become aware of your habits of movement and learn how to be easier, lighter and more fluid. Explore new movement options through everyday activities, such as walking, or through specific activities, such as playing piano or dancing. Marieke will guide you into new movement experiences with a gentle touch, demonstration and discussion. Dress comfortably. 

Private, one hour lessons at Cantare Studio in Springfield, Oregon 

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Voice lessons

Learn how to speak or sing with ease and control! Explore range, volume, articulation, resonance and expression on songs or script of your choosing. Students can audio or video tape lessons for learning purposes. 

Alexander Technique for Musicians

Bring your instrument with you for an individual Alexander Technique lesson and discover how you can play with more ease, flexibility and musicality. Improve your breathing and performance!

Alexander Technique for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy is both a special time and a stressful time, as we adjust to all the changes happening within us. Experience easier movement through your pregnancy, especially though hips and lower back, and learn ways to release stress tension when it arises.

What is the Alexander Technique?

Created by FM Alexander in the early 20th century, the Alexander Technique is recognized worldwide as an educational process of improving coordination. Students discover the tools for unlearning poor habits of movement, restoring organic balance, ease and grace to everything that they do. YouTube videos and TED talks discuss the Alexander Technique online and are a great place to start, but the Alexander Technique experience requires learning firsthand from a certified teacher, like Marieke.

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Encouraging breathe to support singing. Release and lengthen arm and shoulder.

Alexis, testimonial for Marieke Schuurs"Working with Marieke has been a dream. I have been working with her on the Alexander Technique as well as singing and it has helped immensely not only with my voice but with my work as a massage therapist. (Sometimes I even bring my guitar to a lesson and we work on that too!)

I'm a shy person and the confidence I get from singing is benefiting every aspect of my life.

Alexis B.

"Marieke is great to work with!

She is friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable and professional. Marieke has helped me to improve my range and confidence while retaining my own style."

Madeline CC