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VOICE: Singing, Speaking and Breathing

Voice work is what Marieke is best known for.  In individual lessons, she works with each student to establish or reinstate their relationship of breath to sound. In order to accomplish this, overall balance, breath coordination and habits of singing and/or speech are addressed and retrained.


A singing lesson is usually an hour and includes Alexander Technique training, vocal & music skills training and specific song preparation. The focus is always on healthy voice production for all kinds of singing: classical, jazz, musical theater, country, pop, etc. Students are encouraged to audio record their lessons for practice at home.


Marieke coordinates with local speech professionals to offer speech education to actors, public speakers and educators, either individually or in classes and workshops. A speech lesson includes the Alexander Technique, vocal exercises, practice reading and/or presentation speaking, and video and audio taping for feedback.


A healthy breathing coordination is essential for both singing and speaking, and is also essential for wind instrument players and all types of athletes. Breathing lessons include the Bodymapping information, awareness training and specific exercises to practice at home.

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Encouraging breathe to support singing. Release and lengthen arm and shoulder.

Alexis, testimonial for Marieke Schuurs"Working with Marieke has been a dream. I have been working with her on the Alexander Technique as well as singing and it has helped immensely not only with my voice but with my work as a massage therapist. (Sometimes I even bring my guitar to a lesson and we work on that too!)

I'm a shy person and the confidence I get from singing is benefiting every aspect of my life.

Alexis B.

"Marieke is great to work with!

She is friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable and professional. Marieke has helped me to improve my range and confidence while retaining my own style."

Madeline CC