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Andover Educator Training

What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body: Licensed Educator

1. Register as an Affiliate member with Andover Educators.
2. Begin working with a licensed Andover Educator in individual sessions.
3. Anatomy study.
4. Attend WEM workshops given by licensed Andover Educators.
5. Follow the process in the Training Guidelines (readings, etc)

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Alexander Technique Teacher Training with ATI

1. Begin working with an Alexander Technique teacher.
2. Attend Alexander Technique group workshops.
3. Enroll in the Alexander Technique Advanced Study Group
4. Take Teaching Principles Course I & II, offered online by the Performance School, Seattle.
5. Follow the certification process offered through Alexander Technique International.

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The Alexander Method


Voice and the Alexander Technique, Jane Heirich: textbook for "Speak Freely!" Healthy Voices Course.

What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body, Barbara Conable: accompanying workbook for the Andover Educator Course.

How to Learn the Alexander Technique, Barbara Conable: Excellent first read on the Alexander Technique. Textbook for Andover Educator Course.

Use of the Self, FM Alexander: Classic text from the founder of the Alexander Technique. Textbook for AT Teacher Training Course, Part I.

Freedom to Change, Frank Pierce Jones: Textbook for AT Teacher Training Course, Part I.

Conscious Control of the Individual, FM Alexander: Textbook  for Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course, Part II.

The Art of Practicing, Madeline Bruser: a must-have for musicians.

Onstage Synergy, Cathy Madden: application of Alexander Technique to the process of performance.